My small screen mini doc debut with Touchvision...

Warning: You might need tissues (according to the folks on Facebook who watched it already). I am humbled and grateful to have had my work and message captured so beautifully by Enero J. Ray and Chad Fedler of Touchvision. This was edited down from a 40 minute interview with me as well as a visit from my client Claire and her pups Medi and Tula. We also took a field trip over to the new Urban Pooch Canine Training Center to get some footage of the new mural I designed. What a gift to have this tribute to my pups Izzy and Alice who were such an integral part of growing my art business and inspiring me to get involved with addressing the Homeless Pet situation so prevalent in our society.touchvisionlt

Literal Date

youtube hijacked my sound 🙁

ALF ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’re on facebook you’ve probably already seen a gazillion of these…I did this instead:

Please watch this video after you watch mine:  You can donate to ALS research and help others, like Anthony Carbajal, here.


I had a very quick, but lovely trip to the Northwest over the last week…sad and bad news when I arrived back in Chicago:

I would love some help finding copyright free music I can incorporate into my videos, feel free to share! As well as any editing tips you may have…this music didn’t really fit, but was ‘legal’.

Day 2 with the sketchbook video:

Monday…day two, experimenting with video capture! Sorry, I’m having trouble centering this, and clearly the video I took of actually writing that lovely quote by Tyler Knott Gregson didn’t work out…foiled again!

On Sunday, I had the extraordinary experience of paddling on the lake without another soul in site, in the pouring rain. It was magical and a little crazy. Don’t worry, there was no lightening, Mom!

I rigged up this tripod (rock/candle/brick from my old house) for my phone/camera (which I took the photo with, so you can’t see it!) Unfortunately the 12 minutes of sketching I did were cropped too small. Trial by error…that’s my method!1466162_10152181755402172_7371916114437183701_n


My first sketchbook video!

My phone is magic – I’m excited to share this new video I just made! There’s a definite learning curve, but I’m committed to figuring in out. Stay tuned for more…

Anne’s Pet Portrait Debut on 190 North….Watch the Live Podcast!

Check out our fun feature from ABC Channel 7's 190 North Television Show! It turned out great thanks to the wonderful interviews with my customers  and their pets
(Cris & Kaaren & Tango and Sarah & Bear), and all the great folks and camera crew at 190 North, thank you Janet & Holly!! Sadly, Bear, the sweet Bernese Mountain Dog in the segment passed away a few weeks ago…so honored to have created his portrait and that he's also immortalized on film. He was beloved by everyone in the neighborhood.

Please contact me if you are ready to order a Pet Portrait!

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 5.27.55 PM
The other wonderful part of this feature, it aired the night before my 44th birthday…a lovely gift!

It's in the Bag...!

InthebagJoin us this coming Thursday, April 22nd for Roscoe Village’s Spring Goodie Bag Shopping Event: “It’s in the Bag” from 5-9pm. Receive free gifts with your purchases from the shops listed above plus mystery envelopes filled with fabulous savings certificates from our Roscoe Street restaurants, spas, photography and more!

Enjoy wine and cheese in my studio while you shop and get first dibs on new spring paintings before I take them on the road to Kansas City for my first Art Fair of the season, The Brookside Art Annual!

The Adventure Continues....


I alluded to some news awhile back, here it is: On April 1st I get the keys to my new studio storefront at 2040 West Roscoe, in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago! I have been talking about making this move for quite awhile, back in January the stars aligned and I learned that the perfect spot would soon be available only 1.5 miles from our house in a lovely neighborhood surrounded by shops and restaurants and other businesses. This space has been the home of Sacred Art for almost 3 years, Sarah is moving her store to Lincoln Square so it’s only fitting that we keep art in this location. It has a tree and a park bench right outside the door. I mocked up this photo I found on-line as a vision board exercise while I waited to see if my offer would be accepted, and it worked! (A tool my good friend Eva May used to seal the deal with her storefront on Ashland back in 2007).

I’ll be using future blog posts to show the progress and to get your advice and feedback on things I’d like to do with the space, I hope to be open for business by mid-April. In the meantime, being the sentimental gal that I am, I did a video tour of my work space here at home (2 weeks ago) so you could see it before I took all the paintings down for my show in Cedarburg. Please excuse my ‘and’s and ‘um’s and jerky camera, it’s so hard to hear my own voice but I decided to get over it and share with you.

Urban House Bird Painting…Live


I created this painting and video (below) on Tuesday for Chicago House's annual Bird House Auction to be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art on June 19th, 2008. Sorry I'll miss it but I'll be at a bonfire on the Bocker Farm…! "Urban House Bird" Acrylic on wood cabinet door. © 2008 Anne Leuck Feldhaus. See my donations from previous years here.

Music by Kelly Joe Phelps: "The Black Crowe Keeps Flying".